Parent Coaching

Parent coaching is specifically designed for couples with children, who are divorced or are in the process of divorce. Parent coaching gives advice and direction on how to co-parent during and after divorce. Parenting during this time can be complicated due to unresolved feelings and hurt about the divorce. Parent coaching is designed to help you to move forward post divorce. Although you are divorced, you will always be co-parents. This is reality. Your children need both of you to be the best parents you can be. It is possible to re-establish your life and to create a happy family. Allow time to adjust to this life change. A parent coach will assist you in making this life change.

  • Parent coaching can occur with both parents together or separately.
  • Parent coaching sessions are brief and directive.
  • Parent coaching is not therapy and is not covered by insurance or HSA plans.
  • Although children do not participate in a parent coaching session, the parent coach will pay attention to child development needs and will offer insight and advice as to how your child might be experiencing the changes in their life, and what you can do to assist them.

More Information on Parent Coaching

Parent coaching can be conducted individually, or as a couple, but not as a combination of both. (For example, the co-parents cannot come together for an initial meeting and then be seen separately).

Coaching is Brief and Directive:

  • For best results: Have an idea about what is bothering you or what you would like help with before we begin.
  • We will not spend a lot of time re-hashing the divorce, old conflicts with the other parent, or talking about unresolved feelings. Our focus is on moving forward.
  • Becoming bogged down and stuck in the past will not assist you in moving forward.
  • Focus of parent coaching is co-parenting. Expect to talk about your children and their needs.
  • Frequency: Parent coaching appointments can occur as often as you would like provided there is availability. However, only one appointment per day.
  • Parent Coaching is provided in person only. Contact via phone, email and text is limited to scheduling only. The parent coach will not provide you with advice over the phone, email or text.

Rates: Riverview Therapy uses a private pay system. Patients are charged at the time of service and required to pay in full using a credit card, HSA card, or check.

  • Initial session (60 minutes): $100 one-time fee
  • Sessions (30 minutes): $50 / session

Note: Parent coaching is not therapy and is not reimbursable to insurance. There are no contracts or minimum number of sessions required.

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Parenting Coaching FAQs

What is parent coaching?

Riverview Therapy, LLC defines Parent Coaching as a process in which client’s present problems or questions they have about parenting. The Parent Coach’s responses are direct and in response to the Parent’s questions. Feedback is given with a child development emphasis.

Parent coaching is specifically designed for couples with children who are divorced or are in the process of divorce. Parent coaching is designed to help you to navigate the changes needed as you and your co-parent develop two homes for your children, one at mom’s house and one at dad’s house.

Is parent coaching therapy?

No. Parent Coaching is not therapy. There is no diagnosis, treatment plan or emphasis on therapeutic issues. The parent coach will not be discussing unresolved feelings about the divorce, past hurts, or the grief you may be feeling during or after the divorce. Our focus is on helping you move forward to become the best parent you can be.

Is parent coaching confidential?

Yes, parent coaching sessions are confidential. No one has access to your record or is able to speak with your parenting coach without your written consent.

If my co-parent and I begin co-parenting together, do we have to continue co-parenting sessions together?

Yes. If you and your co-parent begin co-parenting together than you are both considered clients of Riverview Therapy, and you both have equal rights to confidentiality. Sessions will be conducted together. There may be times when everyone agrees (both parents and the parenting coach) to meet separately for a few sessions. However, separate meetings are temporary. Co-parents are treated together to ensure confidentiality for both parents.

Can I come alone to co-parenting session?

Yes. You can learn about co-parenting and ways to work with your co-parent without the other parent present. When you contact Riverview Therapy you will be asked if you wish to participate in co-parenting with or without your co-parent. If you wish to participate alone than you are considered Riverview Therapy’s client, and your information is confidential.

If my co-parent contacts you first and then I contact you later, can I be a co-parent client as well?

No. If your co-parent contacts Riverview Therapy and they are a client, then you are not able to be a client of Riverview Therapy. This is to ensure confidentiality and to avoid conflicts of interest.

Will you also meet with my child?

No. The parent coach has a relationship with you and not with your child. Although we will be talking about your child during parent coaching sessions, the parent coach is not able to become your child’s therapist. This is a protection of your right to confidentiality and ensures that there is no conflict of interest.

Can my children come to sessions?

No. Parent coaching is for parent’s only and not for children.

How much does parent coaching cost?

There is a one-time $100.00 fee for the initial session. All other sessions cost $50.00.

How long are parent coaching sessions?

Parent coaching sessions are 30 minutes. The initial session is 45 to 60 minutes.

Does the cost change if I come to co-parenting alone?

No. The cost is the same whether both parents are seen together, or whether one parent is seen individually.

How many times a week can I come to parent coaching sessions?

You may come as many times in a week as you would like, provided there is availability. Only one session per day.

Is parent coaching available by phone, text or email?

No. Parent coaching is only available in person. The parent coach will not respond to your parenting questions by phone, text or email.