Couples Therapy


We don’t get along.

She always nags.

He won’t listen to me.

We can’t communicate.

All we do is argue.

She spends too much money.

He ignores the kids.

I can’t stand her parents.

He spends too much time with his friends.

I do all the work around the house and he does nothing.

Does this sound familiar?

These are all common conflicts couples experience. At Riverview Therapy, these conflicts are viewed through the lens of the two person system. Meaning, how does each individual act-and-react to the other. What are we like as a couple? There is no judgment or blame placed on any one person. The “couple self” is the focus of treatment. When we understand our “couple self” we are able to make changes, learn skills, and move beyond conflict.

Therapy, an Investment in You:
What to Expect as You Begin Therapy

Therapy is an investment in you. Its healing and nurturing process serves to heal old wounds or trauma, promotes involvement and presence in daily life and in relationships, and establishes personal calm, enjoyment and balance. The lessons learned in therapy provide enduring change and knowledge that will last a lifetime. This article provides an overview of what happens in the therapeutic process.

Rates: Riverview Therapy uses a private pay system. Patients are charged at the time of service and required to pay in full using a credit card, HSA card, or check.

  • Initial session (60 to 90 minutes): $325 one-time fee
  • Sessions (45 minutes): $150 / session

Most people are treated in 8 to 10 sessions. There are no contracts or minimum number of sessions required.

Note: Couples therapy is often not covered by insurance because there is no individual patient identified, though we will provide a receipt to you if you wish to try submitting it to your insurance for reimbursement. Riverview Therapy, LLC does not make any claims or guarantees that insurance or HSA plans will reimburse for services.

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