Riverview Therapy uses a private pay system. Patients are charged at the time of service and required to pay in full using a credit card, HSA card, or check. And while we don’t accept insurance, you can submit your receipt to your insurance for reimbursement—therapy (with the exception of couples therapy) is billable to insurance, and therapy will often count towards your deductible. We’ll provide you with a receipt of payment and an insurance bill or “super bill” containing all the information needed for you to bill your insurance company. However, each insurance plan and HSA plan are unique. Riverview Therapy, LLC does not make any claims or guarantees that insurance or HSA plans will reimburse for services.

Note: Couples therapy is often not covered by insurance because there is no individual patient identified.

There are no contracts or minimum number of sessions required.

Individual Therapy and Couples Therapy

Initial session (60 to 90 minutes): $325 one-time fee

Sessions (45 minutes): $150 / session

Most people are treated in 8 to 10 sessions.


Parent Coaching

Initial session (60 minutes): $100 one-time fee

Sessions (30 minutes): $50 / session

Note: Parent coaching is not therapy and is not reimbursable to insurance.