Individual Therapy

During individual therapy, clients have the opportunity to speak with a therapist one-on-one. Some people worry that they would not know what to say in therapy, or they are concerned that they must come completely prepared with questions or problems. If you are seeking therapy, it is most likely that something is bothering you. Maybe you are feeling sad or down, depressed, worried, stressed or irritable; or maybe you are having problems in a relationship or difficulties at work or school. Some people go along just fine in life until a lifestyle change occurs, like going to college, marriage, birth of a child, emptying the nest, retirement, or death of friends and family. These lifestyle changes can bring back memories of the past, problems that are unresolved or past traumas that continue to hurt. Any concern you bring to therapy is respected as part of your life experience. It is honored, respected and gently addressed.

Your first appointment is an assessment in which the therapist will ask you many questions about your history. They will ask about your family, about your childhood, about symptoms you might be experiencing, and of course, they will ask about the difficulty that is bringing you to therapy.   This appointment allows the therapist to understand what you are experiencing so that a treatment plan can be established. The treatment plan will be presented to you at the next appointment. This gives an overview of what was discussed in the assessment so that you have full knowledge of the therapist’s perspective, what therapeutic goals will be addressed, the estimation of frequency of sessions, and the total amount of sessions recommended.

You need not worry that you must be completely prepared before each session. Your job is to come to session. It is the therapist’s job to figure out your therapeutic issues. Therapy can be difficult at times, but it is also rewarding. It is such a relief when problems start to fall away and life becomes more enjoyable. Remember, you are not alone, the therapist is with you every step of the way to guide you through this process.

Therapy, an Investment in You:
What to Expect as You Begin Therapy

Therapy is an investment in you. Its healing and nurturing process serves to heal old wounds or trauma, promotes involvement and presence in daily life and in relationships, and establishes personal calm, enjoyment and balance. The lessons learned in therapy provide enduring change and knowledge that will last a lifetime. This article provides an overview of what happens in the therapeutic process.

Rates: Riverview Therapy uses a private pay system. Patients are charged at the time of service and required to pay in full using a credit card, HSA card, or check. While we don’t accept insurance, you can submit your receipt to your insurance for reimbursement—therapy is billable to insurance, and therapy will often count towards your deductible. Riverview Therapy, LLC does not make any claims or guarantees that insurance or HSA plans will reimburse for services.

  • Initial session (60 to 90 minutes): $325 one-time fee
  • Sessions (45 minutes): $150 / session

Most people are treated in 8 to 10 sessions. There are no contracts or minimum number of sessions required.

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