Am I depressed?

June 18, 2018

Depression can present itself in many different ways. Here is a list of some common symptoms.

  • Feeling sad, blue or down
  • Crying easily
  • Feeling irritable or grumpy
  • Loss of interest in activities that used to make you happy.
  • Being distracted or “out of it.”
  • Sleep disturbance (not able to sleep, or sleeping all the time)
  • Appetite disturbance (no appetite or increased appetite)
  • Withdrawing from the people in your life
  • People in your life are telling you that you are not yourself
  • Having suicidal thoughts or plans

If you are feeling depressed, you should seek assistance. There is no need to silently suffer.

Note: If you are feeling suicidal and believe that you are a danger to yourself or others, call 911 or go to the local emergency room.